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I enjoyed your new video even though I'm not a handgun hunter.  You did a
nice job in presenting the subject.  I liked that it was not focused on
trophy animals.  Makes it easy to identify with.  Jim, Colorado

OKAY-- fantastic-- is even better than JD said!!!   Mike, Michigan

That (video) was amazing.... You can tell that Gregg is really committed!  He's living the dream......   Jeff, Kansas

I just got done watching your video "HANDGUNNING MULE DEER AND PRONGHORN ANTELOPE. " It is one of the best hunting videos that I have ever watched.  Aaron, New Mexico

I received your DVD and thought you did a great job. I look forward to your elk hunting video.   Gary, New Jersey

I have watched your video so many times that it is about worn out!  I really like it, and shared it with a friend and he loved it too!  M.C., Michigan

Video arrived last night and after supper, I proceeded to sit in the recliner and enjoy the show.  Awesome video.  Rick, Wisconsin

I just received a copy of Gregg Richter's handgun video titled, Handgunning Mule Deer & Pronghorn Antelope, I watched it twice yesterday & the video is excellent, lots of good kill scene's that show the stalk, the correct setup & the clean harvest of many animals, some close & some are out there!
Its a very good introductory into what works & why, in this special game we play with handguns. There are several different methods illustrated on shooting positions, mainly using the excellent Harris Bipod & the light weight & portable backpack, the video makes it quite plain that accuracy at long range with a handgun is within reach of anyone willing to put in the time, Gregg, & his son Joe have done that & have passed along their experiences in this handgunning video.
There's something there for everyone, revolvers & single shots.

Dick, Idaho

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